Championing A Worship Movement

God is always moving. And He desires to bring us into the process. He breathes life and revelation into our spirits and we can’t help but respond.

I think we are in the midst of a worship movement; one that brings everyone into encounter with the King. And this isn’t happening how we would expect. Not from a few leaders on a stage. One that is happening locally and organically. One that involves everyone, not just a few. These moments of encounter during worship are active, alive, and authentic and real.

It’s the connection between what worshipers carry and their willingness to sing out His heart.

God inhabits the praises of His people.

It’s the stuff that God is doing in the room. It’s not about sitting and writing the perfect song. Worship is encounter. There is a grace on this season to sing and share these unique songs and moments. It’s the songs that are unscripted or happening when we are looking at Him. On a stage, in a living room, or in a prayer closet. And never before have we been able to share these moments. Our aim is to harness technology to share these moments and songs. To be the platform to share what God is doing in the room, and into connection.

How do we champion it? Sometimes championing something just starts with an idea and the option to recognize something. Even when you can’t define it or describe it or fit it into a box.

When there’s grace, it’s easy to champion it.

Being convinced it’s Him allows us to be willing to go there, to jump off the ledge into the unknown.  Wholeheartedly laying down everything to behold something bigger.

When the grace is there to recognize it, I want to be on my knees. Laying the pieces of my attempts on His altar. The second you step into something that you know is His plan, the grace is there to walk it out. I always want to be found there.

Championing something means believing in it even when it doesn’t make sense. When you get a word from God, hold onto it and don’t let it go. He will catch you every time. He always has a plan and His timing is always perfect.


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