We Were Made For His Glory

Weren’t we made for this? Weren’t our lives always meant to be a union with His glory and presence?
Even as I type that, I can not help but worship. Worship our Maker, Creator, and King knowing He is right here with me. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder, and often for me that reminder is a sound: melodies, rhythm, words, or even the rustling of the wind in the trees.
I wonder if all it takes is acknowledging the reminders and being willing to allow the Holy Spirit to blow through anytime, anywhere.
This happened to me today. On spring break in Orlando at an over-crowded, over-visually stimulating Disney World. There I was, enjoying my Wetzel Pretzel and lemonade with my family amidst a “day off”. I had to stop for a pretzel (how do they always entice me with that smell?!) and as I did, an orchestra already seated, situated, poised, began to play in the band shelter nearby. As they began to play Beauty & the Beast, A Whole New World, an Under the Sea medley, something massive shifted for me. I could feel it. I was drawn in. Drawn in by the melody and rhythm, but also the scene unfolding before me. I was forced to put down my pretzel and watch.
My heart was awake.
Here was a band of middle schoolers (not professional musicians) playing something that awakened worship in me on a hot, crowded Disney sidewalk, while holding a soft pretzel and lemonade. I was encountering God in this moment, overwhelmed by His Presence. The Holy Spirit blew in and I knew it. Tears began streaming down my face (thank goodness for sunglasses) and I could do nothing about it.
Instantly, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me as I watched the conductor beautifully leading this odd group of distinct instruments, all in perfect sync. They were creating a melody and sound that made my heart yield in awe of the King. It was so beautiful. The entire thing. From the awkward middle schoolers playing each unique part they had practiced probably a million times in preparation for this moment right here, to the conductor, guiding the baton in perfect timing coordinating each note and beat.
Unity, music, passion, dedication, lives (and a soft pretzel) all converging under a band shelter.
All I could do was feel God’s goodness, stand in awe, and worship. AND….. I couldn’t help but cry. There is something so special about sound, especially music. It bypasses our brains and opens our hearts up to encounter and worship. It allows us to hear more than just melodies and rhythms. It offers an opportunity to step into God’s Presence. I want to allow this to happen wherever I am, whether on a crowded sidewalk on vacation, or in prayer closet at home. Whenever, wherever, I want to hear that Holy Spirit wind rustling the trees, as He blows through.
“You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the trees, but you have no idea where it comes from or where it’s headed next…” John 3:7 MSG

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