Staying Grounded in Busy Seasons

One thing I have noticed as the co-founder of a startup… never slows down. Stepping out to start something new is exciting but comes with responsibilities and a massive time commitment. As a mom, business owner, and entrepreneur pulled in a variety of directions, I have found a way to stay grounded through it all.

As we are building at Tribl, and in the busy season of starting something new, I have had a cry in my heart. This cry and then response has been God-stirred and from a place of necessity. Get to the garden. The garden is so iconic, but for me has become alive as a place in His Presence.

The garden has become that tender, sweet place to where I am drawn and I get to see who He is and who I am.

I have felt so led to protect this place and create space to get there.

And He is always waiting for me there. But I did not always know it was there….until I saw this place alive in the book, The Secret Garden, as I read to my daughter.

This classic story is about an orphaned girl, Mary, who lives with a distant relative in a cold, lifeless mansion surrounded by gardens. In this story there exists a place, a secret garden, that Mary does not have access to.

She hears about the garden, then begins to wonder about the garden, dream about the garden, picture the garden and search for the garden. She does this simply from the knowledge that this secret place exists.

Now the shift occurs, and her mission is not only to find the garden but to be inside and experience this place. Her desire to gain entry increases as the days go by and she begins to see, in plain sight, the tops of the trees inside. She now knows she must get inside this hidden place.

When she finally gets to the garden. She slips through the door, shuts it, and standing with her back against this wall – looks about, “breathing quite fast with excitement, and wonder, and delight. She was standing inside the secret garden.” Her secret garden.

And what I love is that it just happened. In a moment. I think this is what He does for us. He gives us glimpses and shows us that it’s real. We begin to feel it, touch it, and are given access to His Presence.

Oh, how I know this place exists! I have seen the tops of the trees blowing in the wind. I have felt the ivy around the walls. That place where I slip through the door and access the secret garden time with Him.

He is always there waiting. Like a gentle breeze.

Don’t let it be enough to just know it exists or even to see the tree tops blowing in the wind. Keep searching and setting aside time to get there. These are the times when we get to hear His voice and listen and discover more of His heart.

As the busy season comes, so much will vie for your attention and time. But the most important time, is the time set aside and get to the garden to be with the Father.

Protect, defend, and make space for this time.

With that as your anchor, you will fly through busy seasons with peace as your wings.

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