Thank You!

Thank You! 1080 1080 Mary Sirois

We just wanted to pause our regularly scheduled updates to stop and say thank you.  The “Most Beautiful/So In Love” video featuring Chandler Moore from Maverick City Music has 220,000 views in less than a week!  This would not have happened without you!  Thank you for listening, commenting, and sharing. We truly value each comment…

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We Were Made For His Glory

We Were Made For His Glory 3861 2574 Mary Sirois

Weren’t we made for this? Weren’t our lives always meant to be a union with His glory and presence? Even as I type that, I can not help but worship. Worship our Maker, Creator, and King knowing He is right here with me. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder, and often for me that…

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Tribl + Moment Driven Worship

Tribl + Moment Driven Worship 5760 3840 Mary Sirois

Worship is connection – with the King but also with each other as we unravel in His presence. There is a phenomenon happening. When we come together in worship, something incredible happens. We get to encounter the light of the King’s face while sharing revelation and our own story. We go so much further together.…

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Championing A Worship Movement

Championing A Worship Movement 3000 2003 Mary Sirois

God is always moving. And He desires to bring us into the process. He breathes life and revelation into our spirits and we can’t help but respond. I think we are in the midst of a worship movement; one that brings everyone into encounter with the King. And this isn’t happening how we would expect.…

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What is Tribl?

What is Tribl? 5760 3840 Tony Brown

We affirm and celebrate that every song is born in a moment. Every tribe has a song to sing. Together we hunger for raw, unscripted worship that brings us closer together and closer to God. There are communities and worship gatherings happening all of over the world: on college campuses, livings rooms, in fields and…

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