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We Were Made For His Glory

We Were Made For His Glory 3861 2574 Mary Sirois

Weren’t we made for this? Weren’t our lives always meant to be a union with His glory and presence? Even as I type that, I can not help but worship. Worship our Maker, Creator, and King knowing He is right here with me. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder, and often for me that…

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Staying Grounded in Busy Seasons

Staying Grounded in Busy Seasons 3029 4062 Mary Sirois

One thing I have noticed as the co-founder of a startup… never slows down. Stepping out to start something new is exciting but comes with responsibilities and a massive time commitment. As a mom, business owner, and entrepreneur pulled in a variety of directions, I have found a way to stay grounded through it all.…

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