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The latest at TRIBL

The latest at TRIBL 2560 1440 Mary Sirois

What an amazing last a few months! We have so loved connecting with you all over DMs, emails, and YouTube. We have read each and every comment and story. We truly treasure all the love and encouragement. God is alive and active in each of our stories and His heart is for us to encounter…

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Behind the content curtain

Behind the content curtain 1080 1080 Mary Sirois

One of my favorite movies growing up was The Wizard of Oz. The songs, the characters, the yellow brick road, the quest! What really makes this movie great, though, is the simplicity of what eventually is just the man behind the curtain. The entire adventure builds around this journey to get before this extraordinary and…

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Loving TRIBL?

Loving TRIBL? 957 1250 the TRIBL team

We hope so! We hope these live songs and spontaneous moments are bringing connection with our King. As we carry out this mission to be the home of curated, live, spontaneous moments – we are excited for this next chapter. And this chapter involves you! TRIBL is a deeply connected community of worshipers.  We recognize…

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Thank You!

Thank You! 1080 1080 Mary Sirois

We just wanted to pause our regularly scheduled updates to stop and say thank you.  The “Most Beautiful/So In Love” video featuring Chandler Moore from Maverick City Music has 220,000 views in less than a week!  This would not have happened without you!  Thank you for listening, commenting, and sharing. We truly value each comment…

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Hello…. Again

Hello…. Again 1080 1080 Mary Sirois

(Or maybe just hello!). It’s been a long silent year here, but we’re excited to reboot our TRIBL blog. We hope this is a place to connect, share some deeper vision and insights, and create a space to champion the tribes, movements, and hearts in pursuit of our King. Just a warning – this might…

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Tribl + Moment Driven Worship

Tribl + Moment Driven Worship 5760 3840 Mary Sirois

Worship is connection – with the King but also with each other as we unravel in His presence. There is a phenomenon happening. When we come together in worship, something incredible happens. We get to encounter the light of the King’s face while sharing revelation and our own story. We go so much further together.…

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What is Tribl?

What is Tribl? 5760 3840 Tony Brown

We affirm and celebrate that every song is born in a moment. Every tribe has a song to sing. Together we hunger for raw, unscripted worship that brings us closer together and closer to God. There are communities and worship gatherings happening all of over the world: on college campuses, livings rooms, in fields and…

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