TRIBL is a deeply connected community of worshipers. We are a fire to gather around; an aggregator of unscripted, live, moment-driven worship; a champion for the songs, artists, and communities creating waves in the indie worship movement.

Our mission is to be the home for live, moment-driven songs facilitating impactful connection with God, together. Our priority is to find, create, and distribute content that is vulnerable, honest, unfiltered, and transformative.

Christians today have access to an untold amount of pre-recorded music on demand. What’s still missing is directed curation, connectivity amongst worshiping communities, and prioritized access to live, unscripted worship experiences that can be re-lived and shared long after the actual event. Through our app and distribution channels, we curate meaningful music, artists, playlists and stories.

Won’t you join us as we unite the tribes. Together.