What is Tribl?

We affirm and celebrate that every song is born in a moment. Every tribe has a song to sing. Together we hunger for raw, unscripted worship that brings us closer together and closer to God. There are communities and worship gatherings happening all of over the world: on college campuses, livings rooms, in fields and in bars. People are meeting to share songs and moments of worship together. These tribes have their own unique sound and heartbeat.

We endeavor to put a spotlight on these worship tribes – to put a megaphone to their lips and to create a space for their voices to be heard. We not only unite our voices in live worship, but we carry those moments with us into our digital future.

There is a new movement in the modern worship scene. There seems to be a mass exodus from the mainstream to the margins, from the traditional concert of worship to community led liturgy. As the church in the west struggles to find its true identity, the worship genre itself seems to also struggle to find a true authentic expression. As our generation explores new ways of doing church, we also at the same time wrestle with what typical worship in these new forms looks like. We are in the midst of a massive cultural shift as a church, and as tradition is reformed these questions beg to be asked.

What does worship look like, sound like, feel like? There are communities all over the world that are answering these questions for themselves.

As they leave the four walls of their churches and explore what it really means to be the church in their time, in their culture, in their space. This is what it sounds like when God begins to answer those questions!

Tribes of folk are gathering in places big and small answering the call in their hearts to be apart of something bigger than themselves. This is what is sounds like when heaven comes to earth. It’s the sound of the family sing-along. There will be a time when peace has come to stay and every single nation and people will sing songs in their own language and tongue to a God that has lavished His love on us all. Until that day comes, the raw spirit of God that’s been inside us all along cries in overwhelming expectation for hope to conquer all. This spirit cries in ways that words just can’t describe. We join with all of heaven singing songs we were born to sing. All God’s Children singing back to a God that’s been singing over them since the beginning.  

That is the heart of Tribl. As our own tribe, we are a company who longs to share raw, spirit filled moments with the world and reach the unreachable. Alongside releasing our tribe’s music, our prayer is to find those communities in living rooms, garages, studios, stadiums and fields and share their unfiltered worship with the world, a world that’s crying out from a fresh touch from God.

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