Tribl + Moment Driven Worship

Worship is connection – with the King but also with each other as we unravel in His presence.

There is a phenomenon happening. When we come together in worship, something incredible happens. We get to encounter the light of the King’s face while sharing revelation and our own story. We go so much further together.

What is happening in tribes all across the country in worship is shareable, worthwhile, and relevant. The songs become a river of words leading directly to an encounter. In this connection economy, relationship is everything. The new economy is not just a song. It is the whole picture. There is an editorial piece that we must tell. Songs are a byproduct of what is happening in your tribe, the revelation you walk in as your story unfolds. We want to curate the stories of these tribes and unite these songs to tell the broad picture.

Tribl is the scaffolding behind it.

Now we can think of each other. We get a chance to pull back the curtain and spotlight these moments of connection that all our communities are experiencing. Our mission is to curate the movement. We are the place not just to record these moments but weave them together to tell a story.

Amanda Cook sings a spontaneous song on the “Starlight” album, and these words have been shaped into a river of truth for me. That is what worship does, and then we take this stream of truth directly into an ocean of encounter.

Here are the words Amanda sings….

“You are here right now….I can see Your smiling face…. the pride in Your eyes….we’re your children.

I breathe You in….. And I breathe You out….I breathe You in

Right here and now.

Cause worship is connection…. worship is connection…. we’re not just singing to the sky.

Worship is connection….. we’re singing to the One whose been singing over us the whole time.

Worship is connection….. we’re not just singing to the sky.

We’re returning a love song to the One whose been singing over us the whole time…..”

Worship is connection. We’re not just singing to the sky. Connecting with each other and connecting with Him is all that matters.


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