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What an amazing last a few months! We have so loved connecting with you all over DMs, emails, and YouTube. We have read each and every comment and story. We truly treasure all the love and encouragement. God is alive and active in each of our stories and His heart is for us to encounter more; together.

As we begin to wrap up 2019, we can’t wait to share some incredible highlights (and the best of 2019!) with you. We hope you know it is with total joy and indescribable thankfulness that we have been able to take these first few small steps towards uniting the tribes.

Over the last few weeks we have continued to connect with some incredible communities and leaders in the worship space. As a result, we have added over 10 new artist channels full of new songs and live moments of worship. In addition, we continue to fine tune the technology piece through updates on our app. This week we launched an updated version of the app enabling the shuffle and repeat features for TRIBL Pro members.

If you haven’t yet joined TRIBL Pro, we would love for you to step out with us and support us there. Funds received through your monthly subscription first and foremost go to build the royalty pool which supports the artists, churches, and communities stewarding these songs and moments. The remainder of the funds generated through TRIBL Pro go towards keeping the lights (and servers!) on at TRIBL. We have a long way to go and want to make this sustainable. BUT! Every story and testimony we get back of lives being changed, hearts being stirred up to follow the King, and Jesus getting the glory He deserves keeps us pressing on ahead!

As we press on, we can’t wait to share what we see unfolding for 2020. We are on the edge of our seats… stirred with faith to see Heaven invade earth. Continue to follow us on instagram and social media for the latest news…. but to keep things exciting here is a little teaser….

Over the next month (or two) we will share: six incredible new YouTube videos, our first ever all- streaming- platform release “There in the Middle” featuring Harvest and Jon Thurlow (it is amazing!!!), and two new Maverick City Camp Sessions (can’t tell you who yet – but the big reveal is coming!).

So grab a seat on the bus with us, open up that TRIBL app and get ready to hit play! Let’s unite the tribes; together.

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