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We hope so! We hope these live songs and spontaneous moments are bringing connection with our King. As we carry out this mission to be the home of curated, live, spontaneous moments – we are excited for this next chapter. And this chapter involves you!

TRIBL is a deeply connected community of worshipers.  We recognize not everyone is called to write songs, but we believe that everyone is created to worship our Creator.  Part of our mission has always been to unite the tribes, helping connect worshipers from communities all around the world by sharing live, often unscripted moments of worship. Launching our app earlier this year was a pivotal moment in fulfilling that mission.  

The dreams we have are big, and the resources needed to fulfill them are significant.  Being part of a tribe means that every single person has a role to play. We want to invite you into our story. We want to welcome you in to take on a more active role in helping TRIBL become everything it can be by subscribing to TRIBL Pro for $5.99 a month.

Subscribing allows you to sow into the Kingdom idea behind TRIBL …..uniting the tribes. Your support through your subscription will serve a few different purposes.  Most importantly, those funds help build the royalty pool, which is the way that song writers and artists get paid for their work. The more subscriptions we have, the more we are able to pour back out to the artists and songwriters who work so hard to bring you the worship moments you love.  In addition, the subscription support will help us develop new features in the app, and host live events where we can capture new content. When you subscribe you also get ad-free, uninterrupted access to TRIBL!

At TRIBL, we are dreaming, building, and hoping for so much more ahead. We know something powerful happens when we worship, and we want to help distribute those live worship songs and moments across the world. Won’t you join us to unite the tribes, together?

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