Hello…. Again

(Or maybe just hello!). It’s been a long silent year here, but we’re excited to reboot our TRIBL blog. We hope this is a place to connect, share some deeper vision and insights, and create a space to champion the tribes, movements, and hearts in pursuit of our King. Just a warning – this might not be a typical “blog”. Some posts might be long and in depth, others might be short form thoughts of recent happenings, or links to news, songs or other posts we love. Our aim is to keep this as a place to unite the tribes and open the conversation for the beauty and revelation unfolding in worship around the globe (with as few grammar errors as possible!).

Before all that, we just want to say hello and catch back up. The long silence was unplanned (as most start-ups would attest to), but since our last post, we were able to (finally!) build out and launch a few things – first our app – (IF you have not seen this yet… pause…. and go download it now!). We have spent over 2 years building and we hope to harness technology to create a space for moments to be shared and discovered. Our mission is to be the home of live, spontaneous worship as we share off-album, unscripted, raw moments that maybe you can’t find on Spotify.

And second – our YouTube channel – (again, feel free to pause and go subscribe over there too!). Here we hope to use the visual genius (and accessibility) of YouTube to share live moments and songs as hearts gather to worship. These won’t be performance type videos, but just real moments and new songs captured in worship. We are so excited to share and aggregate content there too!

During our three year journey we have seen God open doors, close doors, grow the team, shrink the team, take us to new heights, and to new depths – all the while learning so much about His Goodness through it all, the highs and the lows.

This May we finally pressed the Go Live button, and we are pressing ahead towards the goal. We are ready to share these moments of worship and shine the spotlight on these songs and the faithful hearts writing and singing them.  Keep watching this space for the latest news and highlights from TRIBL and the worship world.

Thanks for being on this adventure with us. Let’s unite the tribes!

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