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One of my favorite movies growing up was The Wizard of Oz. The songs, the characters, the yellow brick road, the quest! What really makes this movie great, though, is the simplicity of what eventually is just the man behind the curtain. The entire adventure builds around this journey to get before this extraordinary and powerful man who holds the solutions to everyone’s problems, but in the end, he is actually just an ordinary man, using technology to represent a future and a hope. What Dorothy and her friends find is that the wizard was just a tool to lead them on a journey, and what they needed all along was really within themselves.

All of us are on a quest.  We are all seeking something.  At TRIBL, our quest is to be a little like the wizard in The Wizard of Oz, harnessing technology so we can share impactful moments and songs of encounter for your own quest.  Through those moments we believe the Lord can reveal that He has given you everything you need to find courage, love, ideas or anything else, even home. Maybe unlike the wizard, for us, it’s not about building our name, but it’s about creating opportunities for people to connect with the King through these moments of worship.  TRIBL is simply a tool that will, hopefully, usher you into connection with God. In the best way, we want you to “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” 

As a way of pulling back the curtain, we want to explain a little bit more about how we create the original content that fills our platforms. By now you’ve had a chance to check out our app and YouTube channel.  One thing we hope you’ve noticed is a unique, distinct difference in content from other platforms. Early on, we knew we had to help facilitate worship by gathering worshippers together. One of our key activities is to worship with other communities to capture the songs and moments being birthed in those environments. As we do this, we begin to see content fall into a few different buckets (all with the commonality of remaining a bit raw and only lightly produced): TRIBL Nights, TRIBL Pop-Ups, and TRIBL devo sessions. 

TRIBL Nights are worship nights hosted by our team. Our hope going into these nights is to set up some mics, collaborate by blending tribes, and just worship. TRIBL Nights tend to be bigger gatherings, sometimes even ticketed events, and have included cities or regions such as Chicago, Orange County, and even Ireland.  Hopefully more are coming soon!

TRIBL Pop-Ups are smaller events centered around songwriting camps or local artist gatherings. Again, the aim is to try to capture live songs and moments, and connect with what God is doing in the room. TRIBL Pop-Ups so far have included artists like Daniel Bashta, Brandon Lake, and Andrew Ehrenzeller, as well as some of the members of Housefires and UPPERROOM.

Our final category of TRIBL original content is TRIBL Devo sessions. Devo sessions are the least produced songs and moments on the app. They are usually one artist, one mic, and an opportunity to just sit back and let worship flow. The devo sessions are raw, and they provide an ideal backdrop to prayer or devotional times with the Lord.

So that’s a glimpse behind the curtain. All of the TRIBL original content can be discovered on our app by looking for the TRIBL logo next to a song title. Truly, we are just some ordinary people, serving an extraordinary God, following the yellow brick road, so to speak, to find His presence. He is active and alive, and the message of the Gospel is our future and our hope. We are so thankful you are with us on this quest – let’s harness technology and share these songs and moments together.

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