Hello…. Again

(Or maybe just hello!). It’s been a long silent year here, but we’re excited to reboot our TRIBL blog. We hope this is a place

We Were Made For His Glory

Weren’t we made for this? Weren’t our lives always meant to be a union with His glory and presence? Even as I type that, I

Staying Grounded in Busy Seasons

One thing I have noticed as the co-founder of a startup…..life never slows down. Stepping out to start something new is exciting but comes with

Tribl + Moment Driven Worship

Worship is connection – with the King but also with each other as we unravel in His presence. There is a phenomenon happening. When we

Championing A Worship Movement

God is always moving. And He desires to bring us into the process. He breathes life and revelation into our spirits and we can’t help

What is Tribl?

We affirm and celebrate that every song is born in a moment. Every tribe has a song to sing. Together we hunger for raw, unscripted